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The Schantz MakerSpace was created for people who share the joy of making things, have a desire to learn or improve their skills, and wish to see the knowledge of craftsmanship survive into the future.


The Schantz MakerSpace

A Place To Imagine, Invent, Tinker & Create - Where Learning Means Not Being Sorry About The Mess.

Employees at Schantz Organ Company believe sound craftsmanship is more than just a company goal. It is a passion and a desire to create what few people can even imagine, in an environment that has encouraged this approach for over 145 years.

To keep that passion for skill and craftsmanship alive, the Schantz factory opened its doors to creative, like-minded people who now help us to encourage and teach the makers of tomorrow. Our community is filled with enthusiastic makers who want to bring their creative ideas to life, but lack the necessary tools or experience. We strive to provide educational opportunities and experiences for people who like to build, invent, tinker, and/or learn new skills.

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🌟 Ignite Your Passion for Robotics 🌟

** Note New Class Added ** Attention Junior High and High School Students Are you curious about the magic behind robots and how they follow your commands? Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience that takes you into the heart of coding and robotics. This event is not your typical classroom - it's a hands-on adventure where you'll be in control! This event is your chance to dive into the world of robotics and see how your commands create action. Date: September 30, 2023 Click on the Read More link to register.

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October 3D Printer Build

Immerse yourself in the world of 3D printing with a two-part workshop aimed at enthusiasts and supervised youth. Led by experienced professionals, the workshop spans two Saturdays: October 7 and 14, 2023, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Romich Maker Space in Creston, Ohio. Session 1 (October 7) involves building your own 3D printer under expert guidance, offering insights into mechanical components. Session 2 (October 14) focuses on refining skills, covering the intricate slicing process and optimal printing parameters. The workshop fee is $250 for both sessions. Click on Read More for additional information and registration.

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CNC Build Class at Schantz MakerSpace Ohio

You Can Build A CNC Machine

Build a CNC Machine Class - Schantz MakerSpace Ohio

At Schantz MakerSpace, we designed a class where students could buy CNC Router kits and, over the course of four weekend class sessions, our instructors helped them through the process of building their machines.

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You Can Build A 3D Printer

Build a 3D Printer Class - Schantz MakerSpace Ohio

Our students have built over 100 3-D Printers and we are now rolling the program into the schools. We have completed workshops at Wooster and Northwestern schools and plan to bring the program to others in the near future.

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You Can Learn Arduino

Learn Arduino Class - Schantz MakerSpace Ohio

An Arduino is like a little computer chip that controls things like electric sensors, lights and motors. It is the ultimate tinkering tool for a maker.  Most people aren’t trained in its programming capabilities to make full use out of it.

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