3D Printer BUild Class

Build Your Own 3D Printer At Schantz MakerSpace!

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October 12, 2024 8:00 AM

The Schantz MakerSpace is designed to help bring ideas to life. Perhaps the best example of that is our 3-D Printer Build Workshops.

Spend a couple of Saturdays with our volunteers and walk away with your very own creation machine.

We’ve helped students build over 150 3-D Printers over the last two years, but it doesn’t stop with simply building the machine. We teach you how the machine interacts with your computer and walk you through the software so you can learn how to correct and improve your prints. Take the next step toward a home creation station!

If you’re interested in our 3-D Printer classes, contact us and let us know. We also encourage you to come to our Maker Monday events and hear first hand from our community members what we do and how you can join in on the fun.

Find information on the next 3-D Printer Workshop here.