April Maker Monday - Meet the Colossus!

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Spring is here and so is the "Colossus"

Join us on April 15th from 7:00-9:00pm at the Schantz MakerSpace Training Facility to see what our tinkerers have been working on. Our feature project has been lovingly dubbed the "Colossus". It is a 4'x8' computerized lighting display that the Schantz MakerSpace volunteers are diligently building. It will be featured at our exhibit at the Maker Faire.

This display will feature 1200 or more LED’s and will be controlled by an X-lites program. If you are interested in computerized lighting displays you will want to check this out and learn more from our volunteers.

Maker Faire Presenters

Maker Mondays are a great chance to show off your creations, and for many of us it's practice for the Wayne County Maker Faire coming in May. Some of our volunteers will be bringing their projects and share their experiences. Come get an idea of all the great things you will see at the Maker Faire!

3-D Printers

Our instructors have been busy working with various 3-D printer kit designs.  At Maker Monday, we expect to have 5 different tabletop 3-D printers set up and operating so that you can compare the features and capabilities of different machines at different price levels.


As always, the second half of every meeting is designated for people to bring in their machines for repairs and adjustments as needed.  If you have taken a class and have built a CNC router, or a 3-d printer, or if you have built a lighting display and you are experiencing some sort of problem; or if you just want to learn more, this is your chance.

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