November Maker Monday

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Join us on Monday November 20th at 7:00 at the Romich Maker Space , 13875 Cleveland Road, Creston Ohio, 44217.

Our very own Rob Baumgartner has been hard at work and has successfully brought to life a captivating prototype that captures the essence of holiday festive cheer.

We are happy to announce that we will be exploring the art of crafting laser-engraved acrylic panels tailored for every holiday imaginable. The possibilities are as endless as our collective imagination!

To kickstart this exciting project, we are gathering for for this month's Maker Monday meeting where we'll be sharing ideas, discussing concepts, and making the final arrangements for our unique holiday lite displays. This is where your valuable input comes in—we invite each one of you to bring your creative flair and innovative spirit to the table.

During our meeting, we'll be going hands-on, assembling one of the displays together. Consider it a fantastic opportunity to troubleshoot and "get the bugs out" of our creative process.

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