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Raspberry Pi-Octoprint, Introduction to Arduino and next 3-D Printer Workshop Announced!

Cold weather is coming. Our workshops can help you gear up with some new tech to keep you entertained this winter!

Saturday, October 12th - Raspberry Pi-Octoprint: Build a monitoring system to control your 3-D Printer remotely! Cost is $125. 8am-12pm @ Schantz MakerSpace

Thursday, October 17th - Introduction to Arduino: Take your tinkering to a new level with Arduino Microcontrollers! Cost is $25. 5:30pm-8:30pm.

*Introduction to Arduino will take place @ Heartland Point in Orrville. Sign up here.

November 9th & 16th (Saturdays 8am-12pm @ Schantz MakerSpace) - 3-D Printer Build Workshop: Construct your own Creality Ender 3 machine, learn the software and start creating! Cost is $250.

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